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Digital Forensics Services
Digital Forensic Services

Digital Forensics experts on standby

Our Digital Forensics team is prepared around the clock to answer your questions and help you every step of the way with your forensic investigation following a cyber attack, data breach, or ransomware incident.

Digital Forensics is the Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) for your digital business world

In today’s business climate, organizations take cybersecurity measures and still succumb to attacks. You have options when your organization experiences a data breach.

Proven Data’s Digital Forensics engagements and Rapid Response Triage investigate e-crimes against your business, enterprise, government, or healthcare organization. Proven Data presents its findings in your accessible Detailed Report. Proven Data informs your incident response so you can mitigate the business risks and protect revenues and profits.

Our forensic investigators follow the industry best practices, combing your system information, and retrieving digital evidence. Proven Data tracks cybercriminals’ digital fingerprints from your organization wherever they lead—around the block or around the world.

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Our Digital Forensics team is dedicated to showcasing their expertise through our accreditation. With certificates in CCE, IACIS, and more, we are here to help with our proven history, handling digital forensics for common & complex digital cyber attacks.

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Have a deeper understanding of digital forensics and why your organization might need a digital forensics service. Our what is digital forensics guide can help you understand (in detail) what these services are!

Digital Forensics Features

BBB Accredited Business

A+ Digital Forensics Service

We’ve achieved an A+ business rating certified by the BBB for our digital forensics services. Don’t trust unproven businesses with your data.

Encrypted Data

SSL Encrypted Data

All your information is encrypted with 256 Bit AES to ensure compliance with the highest levels of data security in the industry.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant Forensics

We utilize HIPAA compliant processes for all of our clients to guarantee that your data remains safe, secure, and free from prying eyes.

24 Hours 7 Days Emergency Service

24/7 Service

Cyber attacks can be unexpected, so expect us to be there whenever a disaster strikes. Our experts stand by 24/7 to answer your questions and open a case!

Why might your business need Digital Forensics Services?

Employee Data Theft and Exfiltration & Insider Threats (Malicious Insiders)

Employee data theft and exfiltration siphons data off your systems and out of your organization. Angry employees who exit with your data are frequent examples. Employees, contractors, and third-party vendors turn Insider Threats when they impair authorized access or alter, steal, or destroy your data. Insider Threats exploit stolen intellectual property by competing with you or selling it to your rivals. Organizations engage Digital Forensics for BC/DR and incident response to investigate these incidents, analyze data, and produce convicting evidence against perpetrators.

Criminal Investigations and Computer Crime

Organizations fall victim to computer crimes such as bank and credit card fraud, extortion, forgery, and breaches of classified data. Digital Forensics firms have the tools, training, and experience to see, preserve, and interpret forensic evidence and follow the digital fingerprints that your assailants leave behind. Digital Forensics is crucial to investigating real-world crimes that have digital components, such as the perpetrator’s computer or smartphone.

Regulatory Compliance and Employee Exit

Regulations in healthcare, finance, and other industries require organizations to retain essential data. Digital Forensics engagements at employee exit support these retention policies. Digital Forensics investigates former employees’ devices, uncovers data destruction or exfiltration and illegal acts, and ensures secure data archiving. 

Human Resources or Employment Disputes

Accusations and proof of employee misconduct are very different things. How can your organization investigate successfully? Where inappropriate behavior involves the internet, email, or other electronic communications as it usually does, Digital Forensics engagements track and compile the evidence and tie wrongful conduct to the guilty party. When irritated employees destroy data or vandalize systems or hardware, Digital Forensics reconstructs the missing information and collects the clues that bind the culprit to their crime for use in legal proceedings.

Digital Forensics Services

Proven Data’s Rapid Response Triage Analysis isolates the attack vectors that cyber threat actors navigated in their assault on your business. Through Proven Data’s insights into these vectors, your organization can stand up a security framework and shut vulnerabilities down.

Proven Data’s Deep Dive Analysis produces comprehensive, conclusive reporting. Proven Data’s forensics professionals hold the key doctorates, masters, licenses, and certifications to apply state-of-the-art technologies to analyze every step in the chronological progression of your security event.

You need it, HIPAA requires it, and Proven Data delivers it—a single source of truth on whether your database contained data classified as Protected Health Information (PHI) that HIPAA shields for patient privacy. Then, Proven Data develops a strategy for recovering that data.

Your consumer’s privacy is your responsibility. Proven Data’s PII Analysis (Personal Identifiable Information) confirms the presence of consumer data in your database and creates an action plan for recovering it.

Cybercriminals target the popular business productivity suite for access to employee credentials and your data. Proven Data’s Office 365 Investigations identify threats and attacks that originate within the web-based platform.

Malicious software can take on a life of its own inside your network. Our Malware Analysis service tracks the movement and activities of insidious malware threats, providing insights into its activities and removal. Proven Data enables fine-grain transparency into your malware infestation, so you can excise it as a surgeon would with a scalpel, rather than gut it as with a grenade. Proven Data’s Malware Analysis pinpoints opportunities to decrypt malicious traffic and Ransomware-encrypted files so that you can restore operations quickly.

Ransomware attacks can cripple a business by encrypting data needed to function for day-to-day operations. Proven Data’s Ransomware Forensics experts are dedicated to providing a detailed forensic report that can highlight how the attack happened and what the attacker did once they were on your network systems. Learn more about ransomware forensics services and why it is an important procedure to recovering from a cyber attack. 

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We’ve recovered data from all major hard drive & server manufacturers and all data loss scenarios. We pride ourselves on industry leading success rates of 98%!

We know how to prevent cyber attacks because we’ve provided support for thousands of cyber incidents. Let us help you protect your business with industry leading tools and proprietary threat intelligence.

Certified digital forensic examiners experienced in investigations for ransomware, data breaches, and employee misconduct.

As one of the first companies that helped with ransomware recovery, rest assured that we have the experience to get you up and running fast!

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