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Experts in cyber security, ransomware recovery, and data restoration, since 2011. We are dedicated to delivering digital peace of mind. We are Proven Data.

Problem-solving is in our DNA.

Our history & timeline


Brothers Mark & Victor Congionti create Proven Data
Working as a Senior IT Security Analyst, Victor discovered a need for affordable and reliable data recovery services. Seeing a problem without a solution, Victor and Mark joined forces to solve it. From Victor’s IT experience and commitment to client assistance and Mark’s passion for technical problem solving with an extensive mathematics background, Proven Data was born.


Clients ask for ransomware recovery services, Proven Data answers

Clients began repeatedly coming to us after their data had been encrypted by ransomware attacks. Finding that reputable and reliable ransomware recovery services weren’t available and determined not to leave our clients stranded, we launched our ransomware recovery division.

Our passion for serving our clients through any data crisis has been our mission since our founding. Being one of the founding principles, we demonstrated this by becoming the first company in the world to assist victims of ransomware in 2015.


Digital forensics division helps clients discover how cyber attacks happen
Dedicated to helping clients recover from ransomware attacks, we saw a need to provide additional information on how the attack happened, what damage occurred and what next steps they should take. To help our clients answer those questions, we launched our forensic investigation division.


Client’s need for proactive data protection prompts Proven Data expansion
Our ransomware recovery clients were frustrated that after an attack, they were often targeted again. Our digital forensic investigators continued to see a trend where businesses had poor security hygiene. Seeing an opportunity to assist, we began offering cyber security services to protect our clients and keep their data safe from another attack.


#GetCyberSerious with us!
With cyber threats continuing to increase and evolve, it is more important than ever to have a team of experts ready to assist you with 24/7 service. From our roots in data recovery, we have evolved to meet your cyber security, digital forensics, and ransomware recovery needs.


Merge with SalvageData Recovery
This merger allows Proven Data to access the technology, expertise, and other resources that SalvageData has built up for decades. As we move forward, we will continue to uphold the stringent privacy policies of both companies, bringing fortified cybersecurity and data restoration services to individuals and businesses worldwide.
Why US

Founded in 2011, Proven Data has consistently evolved to meet the growing needs of our clients. Every day, we see the devastating impact of a data crisis from the front lines. For this reason, we come into work every day ready to be the beacon of light for our clients.  This is what inspires us. 

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves on our team of world-class cybersecurity professionals who bring their wealth of knowledge and skills to protect businesses, mitigate damage, and prevent future attacks.

Data Recovery

We’ve recovered data from all major hard drive & server manufacturers and all data loss scenarios. We pride ourselves on industry-leading success rates of 98%!

Cyber Security

Our experience in helping thousands of individuals and businesses alike has equipped us with a comprehensive set of tools and proprietary threat intelligence to prevent future cyber attacks.

Digital Forensics

Our certified digital forensic examiners are experienced in investigations for ransomware, data breaches, and employee misconduct.

Ransomware Recovery

As one of the first companies that helped with ransomware recovery, rest assured that we have the experience to get you up and running fast!

Trust our Time-Tested Expertise

We employ staff with decades of hands-on experience and pride ourselves on tackling the most challenging problems. Our team has achieved industry-leading certifications and proficiency to show their commitment to excellence.

Better together

Choose Proven Data for your cybersecurity needs. Our world-class experts are ready to protect your business from data loss and cyber threats. We’ve helped countless businesses recover from these incidents, proving our reliability.

With Proven Data, you get peace of mind knowing your business is safe and secure.

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