Cyber Insurance Providers

Proven Data provides complete investigation, incident response, and digital forensics report to cyberinsurance providers worldwide

As an Insurance Provider, you must investigate any cyberattack your clients may suffer. Proven Data’s forensic investigation and report will give you clarity on what happened and how the hackers infected your client’s system.

How Proven Data can help

Insurance Providers must investigate each data breach to ensure that the case is covered by the client’s contract.

And Proven Data is an impartial third-party service that can provide the investigation and report of what actually happened during a cyber attack.

Our processes are focused on transparency so every involved party can access the information collected during the investigation.

We also work as cyber liability insurance carriers, offering cyber insurance policies to businesses helping them cover financial losses and expenses associated with cyber incidents such as data breaches and cyberattacks.

Proven Benefits

Transparency with our Specialized Services

Proven Data can guarantee that you and your clients get the full details of a cyber attack. That will ensure your clients learn about their vulnerabilities and that you can have the details you need to know if the case is covered by the contracted insurance.

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