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We at Proven Data offer comprehensive digital forensics services, assisting in complex investigative or litigation matters involving electronic evidence or data preservation.

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How we help:

Law enforcement

We assist law enforcement agencies in gathering and analyzing digital evidence from various sources, including computers, mobile devices, and other electronic storage media, to support criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Forensic accounting

Forensic accountants can use digital forensic evidence in an effort to recover and analyze financial data. This includes investigating deleted or encrypted files, to uncover evidence of fraud, embezzlement, or other financial crimes.


You may be dealing with a data breach, intellectual property theft, employee misconduct, or other cybersecurity incidents. Proven Data can collect and preserve the digital evidence to give you a clear picture of what has happened.

Law firms

Lawyers and litigators may be the most familiar with the importance of digital forensics to ensure the integrity and admissibility of the evidence in court. Our services preserve digital evidence for legal cases, such as civil litigation, divorce proceedings, intellectual property disputes, etc.

What we do

Digital Forensic Services

Computer Forensics

Our computer forensics experts leverage advanced tools and methodologies to uncover digital evidence from various computing devices and systems. From data acquisition and analysis to evidence preservation and reporting, we deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each investigation.

Mobile Forensics

Our mobile forensics services will extract and analyze data from smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics. We employ cutting-edge techniques to recover deleted data, extract location information, and unravel digital activities, providing invaluable insights for legal proceedings and investigations.

Opensource Investigations (OSINT)

Count on our digital forensics specialists to provide valuable intelligence and context without requiring subpoenas or warrants. This is possible through an opensource investigation of information from publicly available sources on the internet, such as social media platforms, and other open databases.

MetaData Forensics

Our Metadata Forensics services leverage advanced techniques to extract and analyze the hidden data embedded within various digital files. This metadata can provide crucial insights and evidence in a wide range of scenarios, including: Business Fraud Investigations, Legal Proceedings, Data Breach Investigations, Email Investigations, etc.

e-Discovery Services

In cases where vital information crucial to your investigation may reside on smartphones, laptops, servers, cloud storage, or databases, our e-discovery expert can step in. We ensure proper identification, collection, and preservation of digital evidence relevant to legal proceedings, maintaining the required chain of custody and admissibility in court.

Email Forensics

Our specialists leverage advanced tools to conduct in-depth forensic analysis of email data from accounts, servers, and systems. We recover deleted emails, reveal communication patterns, and extract concealed information from headers and attachments, offering insights for legal matters, investigations, and compliance.

Steganography services

Our steganography services offer advanced capabilities in detecting and analyzing concealed data within seemingly innocuous files like images, audio, or text. This provides a crucial layer of security and investigative insight for our clients.

Vehicle Forensics

As vehicles become increasingly sophisticated, the data they generate has become a crucial source of evidence in a wide range of legal and investigative scenarios. Our experts leverage specialized tools and techniques to extract, analyze, and interpret vehicle data, providing valuable insights to our clients.

Digital Forensics Expert Witness & Legal Support

Our digital forensics experts ensure no file is overlooked and can help at any stage of an investigation or litigation and legal proceedings. We use a blend of forensic expertise and data recovery to restore digital evidence from:

  • Computers, laptops, and Mobile devices
  • Audio, Video, and Image files
  • Drones and CCTV
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Vehicular Systems
  • Databases and Servers
  • Individual files and Emails
  • Cloud-based applications
  • Networks

Regardless of the volume or complexity, we use forensically sound tools (such as Cellebrite, Magnet, and Encase) and methods to collect data for electronic investigation, forensic analysis, or e-Discovery. Furthermore, our experts have the necessary experience and credentials to provide credible expert courtroom testimony and reporting.

Digital Evidence Acquisition

Device Analysis Forensics

Our experts work in gathering and analyzing data from mobile devices, computers, or even whole networks in order to examine digital activity and stored data as potential evidence in an investigation. This includes examining stored applications, geolocation data, and even metadata from any device:

Data Recovery & File Reconstruction

Image Forensics

Through sophisticated image analysis, our team uncovers crucial details hidden within digital photographs and imagery. We leverage forensic tools to detect manipulations, recover deleted content, discover hidden metadata, and unravel the digital provenance, ensuring the integrity of visual evidence.

Video Forensics

Our video forensics services employ cutting-edge technologies to enhance, clarify, and analyze video footage. From facial recognition to object tracking, we provide invaluable insights to support investigations and legal proceedings.

Audio Forensics

We utilize specialized techniques and cutting-edge software to enhance, authenticate, and extract valuable information from audio evidence. Audio Forensics offers a comprehensive approach to analyze and interpret audio recordings for legal, corporate, and investigative purposes.

GPS Forensics

With GPS forensics, our analysts use geospatial data to reconstruct events, establish timelines, and uncover patterns. We extract and analyze GPS data from various sources, including mobile devices and vehicle tracking systems, offering valuable insights for investigations and legal matters.

Digital Forensic Data Sources & Analysis

Proven Data offers Digital Forensics investigation for any compromised device. From organization databases and networks, to personal computers and smartphones.

Evidence Imaging

This service involves creating a forensic image of the evidence, providing an exact copy of the data for detailed examination without tampering with the original source.

System Information

We obtain detailed system information, enabling us to understand the configuration and identify any anomalies or suspicious activities.

Malware Identification

Our team identifies known malicious files related to the incident, helping to determine the nature and extent of the security breach.

File Extraction

We extract files of interest for additional analysis, digging deeper into potentially compromised data to uncover hidden threats.

Timeline Analysis

This service includes conducting a system timeline analysis, which helps to trace back the sequence of events leading up to the incident.

Keyword Searches

We conduct keyword searches using system and incident-specific strings, aiding in the identification of relevant data or potential threats within large volumes of information.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a wide range of factors that go into Digital Forensics, and to ensure we handle your case with the utmost care it can take a couple of days. For specifics, contact one of our representatives today!

An analyst is only as good as the tools in his arsenal. With that being said, we use state-of-the-art technology such as Cellebrite, Magnet Suite, and Encase. On the other hand, a tool is only as useful as the analyst themself. This is why our DF team has had years of experience working in both criminal and civil cases.

Digital forensics examines a wide range of devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and storage media, to identify, preserve, analyze, and present digital evidence admissible in court. Our experts follow standardized procedures for evidence collection, preservation, and documentation to maintain evidential integrity. The process involves identifying data sources, securing devices, creating forensic images for analysis, thoroughly examining data for relevant artifacts, and meticulously documenting all steps. Adhering to these protocols ensures the legal acceptance of digital evidence by combining technical rigor with evidentiary standards.

The eDiscovery process involves data collection, processing, review, and production in accordance with legal requirements like the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. We employ defensible practices to ensure compliance, adhering to relevant laws and regulations. Our scalable technologies enable efficient processing and review of large volumes of electronic data while maintaining legal defensibility throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle.

Metadata analysis is crucial in digital investigations and legal proceedings. It extracts valuable contextual information and evidence about digital files. Types of metadata that can be analyzed include file creation dates, author information, edit history, and other hidden data embedded within the files. This analysis provides insights into the origin and handling of digital evidence. We employ specialized forensic software and manual examination techniques to extract and analyze metadata from various file types, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough investigation.

Forensic investigations often involve the analysis of recorded conversations, surveillance footage, and various multimedia recordings. To ensure the admissibility and reliability of this audio and video evidence, we employ techniques such as voice analysis, image enhancement, and source identification to authenticate and enhance the recordings. Additionally, our forensic experts can recover deleted or tampered audio and video files by retrieving and analyzing data from storage media using specialized forensic techniques. This comprehensive approach allows us to effectively handle multimedia evidence in forensic cases.

Steganography is the practice of hiding data within other data to avoid detection. It is used to conceal information in digital media by embedding secret messages or files within seemingly innocuous carriers like images, audio, or video files. To detect and analyze steganographic content, specialized software and algorithms are utilized to identify alterations or anomalies in the digital files that may indicate hidden data. In some cases, advanced steganalysis techniques can recover the concealed messages or data from steganographically altered files, enabling a thorough forensic examination of the hidden information.

Forensic analysis of vehicle systems can extract various types of data, including GPS logs, engine performance records, and event data recorder (EDR) information. By interpreting these data records, investigators can reconstruct vehicle movements, system status, and events leading up to or during an incident or accident. However, conducting forensic investigations on modern vehicles presents challenges due to the complexity of proprietary systems, data encryption measures, and the need to access and analyze data without altering its integrity. Overcoming these hurdles requires specialized expertise and tools to ensure reliable and court-admissible forensic evidence from advanced vehicular systems.

Digital forensics services are widely accessible in the United States. While Proven Data stands out due to its unique experience and continued investment in R&D, there are companies and providers that offer specialized tools, software, and expertise. Some of the key players operating in the US digital forensics market include:

Guidance Software (now part of OpenText), AccessData, Cellebrite, Magnet Forensics, NUIX, BlackBag Technologies, Oxygen Forensics, Digital Intelligence Inc., ADF Solutions, Paraben Corporation, Forensic Computers Inc., Belkasoft, X1 Discovery, Secure Forensics, Gillware Digital Forensics, Kroll Cyber Risk & Investigations, Digital Forensics Corp., CyTech Services, Pro Digital Forensic Consulting, and ArcherHall.

These companies offer various services, from forensic data acquisition and analysis to cybercrime investigations, evidence recovery, and expert testimony. With their advanced tools, methodologies, and experienced professionals, they provide comprehensive solutions tailored to various digital forensics requirements across industries and sectors.

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