Cyber security solutions that keep your donors' sensitive data protected against cyber attacks.

Cybercriminals and ransomware gangs target non-profit organizations as well as enterprises. Having robust security tools and solutions can prevent hackers from accessing your servers and stealing the data on them.

Non-profit organizations at risk

Since non-profit organizations usually collect sensitive data from donors, such as banking information, their machines are at the same cyberattack risk level as big corporations and medium and small-sized businesses.

For this reason, before trusting third-party vendors for transactions and data storage, you must ensure that your system is secure. And Proven Data cybersecurity service can help you create the best security solutions for your organization’s needs.

How Proven Data Can Help

The only way to prevent unauthorized access and data breach of your networks and servers is by applying cybersecurity best practices protocols and training personnel to avoid spam and phishing emails and messages. Trusting a specialized cybersecurity service ensures your security solutions are updated and the data is protected.

Proven Data offers security services tailored to your needs and compliant with data regulations. 

Our cyber security technicians are constantly learning about new threats and ways to prevent them. If an attack happens, however, we can respond rapidly to prevent further damage and preserve the data.

Our services for Non-Profit organizations

Improved Security​ With Specialized Service

Contact Proven Data for further information on how we can help your organization to stay protected against cyber threats and criminals.

Trust in us to ensure your sensitive and critical data security so you can do what you do best – work for your good cause.

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