Data Recovery Services

Retrieve lost, corrupted, damaged, or formatted data from your storage media devices. RAID data recovery, SSD and HDD recovery, SD card, and USB flash memory restore.

Data Recovery for Organizations & Individuals

Proven Data can salvage your data from storage media such as internal or external hard disk drives (HDD), solid-state drives (SSD), USB flash drives, magnetic tapes, RAID subsystems, Serves and Databases, besides Virtual Machines and Cloud storage.

Logical damage

This type of damage can happen due to viruses, software errors, or power interruptions.

Electronic failure

This type of damage occurs when the electronic components of the storage device fail.

Wear and tear

This type of damage occurs due to the normal use of the storage device over time

Physical damage

This type of damage occurs when the storage device is exposed to extreme temperatures, water, fire, or impacts.

What we do

Data Recovery Services

Why Choose Proven Data

At Proven Data we value transparency and quality. Every step of our data recovery services is made with our client’s consent and knowledge. We believe in going further to ensure you get your data back securely and corruption-free.

Prove Data experts specialized in restoring lost data and have a deep understanding of how data is stored and how it can be restored in the event of it being lost.

Secure Data
Recovery Service

Proven Data guarantees your data security and protects your device warranty.

Data Privacy

We value yours and your clients' privacy. For this, our data recovery service is compliant with data privacy regulations such as HIPAA.

Data security

Proven Data is a security-certified data recovery service, which means we guarantee your data will be protected against any threat.


We restore your data in ISO-5 certified full-sized cleanroom. This is a controlled environment with temperature, humidity, exposure, and other environmental variables precisely set to protect storage devices' delicate components.

Quality Control

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification, an international standard that sets requirements for a strong Quality Management System (QMS), shows we fulfill our own requirements, meet customer requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements, and that we maintain documentation.


Data recovery is a process of retrieving lost, corrupted, damaged, or formatted data from storage media devices such as HDDs, SSDs, or flash drives.

The data recovery process starts with a standard evaluation process to understand the damage level and the recoverability of your data. After the evaluation process, you will receive a detailed technical evaluation result, service quote, and estimated service duration. The data recovery process typically involves repairing the hard drive, imaging the drive to a new drive, data recovery, and data preparation.

While data recovery services strive to achieve the highest success rate possible, there are instances where data recovery may not be possible. In such cases, the data recovery service provider will inform you of the situation and discuss any possible alternatives.

Proven Data makes bringing your device to our cleanroom lab easy for a free evaluation. Call our data recovery advisors 24/7 for directions to a nearby drop-off location.

You can also take your device to any of Proven Data’s locations in North America:

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