Vulnerability Assessment

Are your systems secure? Let us check. Our experts test your operational security controls for any vulnerabilities to modern cyber threats.

Benefits of Trusting Security Assessment Experts

Proven Data’s trained experts have the knowledge and insight to identify potential vulnerabilities in physical and digital security measures that may not be noticeable to the insider team.

By identifying and exposing vulnerabilities, and offering an array of specific security measures to implement, assessment experts can help a business safeguard its confidential information from cybercriminals, theft, or fraud.

Our Security Assessment Experts can:


Our specialists stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity, enabling them to predict potential threats.


With active system monitoring our experts can detect any unusual activity and act before a cyber attack or unauthorized access takes place.


Our experts can identify vulnerabilities and risks to your data to prevent unauthorized access to your business systems.​


Through forensics reports, we can analyze your security flaws and improve the security tools and protocols to ensure your data safety.

Why Choose Proven Data

At Proven Data we value transparency and quality. Every step of our security services is made with our client’s consent and presence. We believe in going further to ensure business continuity and data security.

With cyber-attacks getting more sophisticated, it is essential that security experts improve their techniques in order to face threats.

What is included in a Vulnerability Assessment

We offer professional vulnerability and security risk assessments according to your business needs and the demands of the sector you work with. This way we can ensure you are compliant with every data security regulation.

Application security assessment

Applying a security assessment involves several steps that can vary depending on the type of assessment and the organization's needs.

Identifying cyber vulnerabilities

Identify potential vulnerabilities and offer recommendations to strengthen physical security measures to uncover the less noticeable issues that an internal assessment may not identify.

Penetration testing

During pen testing, also known as ethical hacking, our experts simulate a cyberattack to identify vulnerabilities in a computer system to identify weaknesses in the system

Evaluating risk

We evaluate things like system configurations, data access control policies, authentication protocols, and software patch levels to identify the weaknesses in an organization's security posture.

Providing a roadmap

A security risk assessment allows an organization to view the application portfolio holistically from an attacker's perspective

Testing applications

It analyzes all components of an application infrastructure, including how each component is deployed and how each component communicates with both the client and server environments.


A vulnerability assessment is a process of identifying and documenting vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure, such as network devices, servers, and systems. This allows a process of identifying, assessing, and implementing key security controls in applications to prevent security defects and vulnerabilities. 


In most cases, a vulnerability assessment or penetration test is necessary annually or whenever there is a significant change to the system or application. Specific requirements may vary according to certain regulations and internal policies.

Vulnerability testing services can help organizations identify and document vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure, assess risks, and evaluate the effectiveness of security controls. This can help organizations improve their overall security posture and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Proven Data’s vulnerability assessment services comprehensively identify and analyze potential vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT infrastructure. Our experts prioritize these based on severity, provide mitigation recommendations, and assist in implementing them. These actions could include applying patches, enhancing security controls, or modifying configurations. We also help in risk reduction through additional security measures, training, and policy enhancements. Our aim is to improve your organization’s overall security posture by understanding its weaknesses and guiding remediation efforts.

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