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Cyber security solutions that keep citizens and organizations critical and sensitive data protected against cyber threats.

Governments at all levels, whether national, regional, state, or municipal, are experiencing a surge in threats related to information operations, cyber espionage, and cyber attacks targeting crucial societal infrastructure.

These incidents serve as a wake-up call for governments everywhere to bolster their cybersecurity measures and resilience. Count on Proven Data for prevention, protection, and recovery from cyber threats.

Public sector faces a myriad of challenges

Government departments and the public sector are among the main targets of cyber attackers. Looking for sensitive and critical data to disrupt the daily activities, these criminals have mostly financial motivations. However, terrorist groups can also be behind cyber and ransomware attacks against the public sectors.

The only way to prevent unauthorized access and data breach of government networks and servers is by applying cybersecurity best practices protocols and training personnel to avoid spam and phishing emails and messages. Trusting a specialized cybersecurity service ensures your security solutions are updated and the data is protected.

Zero Trust for Improved Security

Zero Trust is based on the principle of “never trust, always verify”. It is a security framework that requires all users, whether inside or outside the organization’s network, to be authenticated and authorized. It can enhance security by reducing the risk of malicious actors gaining access to sensitive information.

How Proven Data Helps Increasing Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity awareness is an ongoing process of educating and training employees about the threats and risks associated with cybersecurity. It aims to promote responsible behavior and proactive measures to protect against cyber threats.

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