The 6 Leading Causes of Data Loss

It’s been a mere 15 years since Y2K. And, while technologies are advancing and so are its end users, data loss is still very prevalent. It seems that most people and businesses aren’t protecting themselves appropriately. And, if they are backing up data, they aren’t looking at the obvious threats that could dismantle their systems and be detrimental to their hard drives.

6 key data loss reasons to watch out for

Data loss can happen for many different reasons. We’ve outlined the top 6 most common data loss scenarios so you can take proactive action and protect your data!

6 key data loss scenarios to watch out for

#1) Improper shutdowns

While you may be a self-proclaimed computer aficionado and “back things up” on a regular basis, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are protected from the unforeseen bouts of computer freeze-ups. It may seem unplugging hardware and shutting down the system is the right thing to do at that moment but, truth is, you can be doing more harm than good and, in the process, lose essential data along the way.

#2) Mother nature

Sometimes your hard drive can’t weather the storm (pun intended). An unexpected natural disaster (such as a flood, tornado or hurricane) can damage your computer and lead it to indefinitely shut down, leading to some major data loss issues.

#3) Your operating system fails

Sorry to break it to you but computers and hard drives aren’t fail-proof. Just like any piece of equipment or machinery, they can sometimes break down for no apparent reason and stop operating without warning.

#4) You lose power

An unforeseen power outage can leave you, and your data, in the dark. By the time you can troubleshoot the problem, you may lose projects and things you’ve been tirelessly working on because you failed to back your system up in the process.

Data loss from broken hard drive

#5) Internet hackers and viruses

You fill out an online submission form. You download an app. You visit an unsecured website. And while all these things may seem perfectly normal, your activity online can put you at risk for ransomware and viruses to attack your computer and hard drive while also compromising your data security.

#6) The end user

End users have the tendency to be a little clumsy. After all, we’re humans. Whether it’s dropping a computer, tipping over a glass of water or accidentally deleting files, human error is simply unavoidable and sometimes the most devastating part to data recovery.

If you’ve lost data in the recent months due to one of these 6 reasons, we are here to help you recover your data securely and with the utmost confidentiality. Understand how each of these scenarios might affect the cost of data recovery.

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