When it Comes to Data Recovery Partner Programs, One Size Does Not Fit All

Proven Data Recovery has been operating and steadily growing, and we’ve learned a lot about our clients over the years. Like anyone who is immersed in their work for a decade or more, not much can surprise us anymore. We’ve been called to intervene in thousands of data loss situations to help consultants and IT service providers retrieve data lost from storms, fire, flood, human error, vandalism —you name it, we’ve helped to undo the damage.

I guess you can suffice it to say, we really do understand the nature of pretty much any data loss situation; we understand how traumatic it can be, and we are experts at determining the best way to get your data restored. Photographs, music files, critical work files, databases, financials—the most effective strategies for recovering lost files has become instinctive to us at this point.

Still, not every recovery approach is the same, which is why we have set up four distinct data recovery partner programs to accommodate very specific organizational needs for educational institutions, government agencies, and small and large businesses looking to receive priority services over non-partners at a discounted price.

IT consultants and technology service providers looking to leverage the experience of our qualified engineers while adding new revenue streams to their bottom line make up our fourth data recovery partner program group.

Consultants & IT Service Providers (Data Recovery Partners)

Whether you’re a consultant that services a local business or a national IT service provider with clients around the U.S. that may potentially need data recovery, you can take advantage of our affiliate program to obtain additional revenue streams. Once you’re an established partner, we take your client through our streamlined process; your customer is impressed, and you get a check at month’s end.

Through our Partner Portal you may keep track of previous cases and payout amounts while your customers can track the progress of their data recovery. You may also submit cases on your customer’s behalf.

Any IT consultant and/or service provider can join, we just require a Federal Tax ID number from you for commissions of more than $500.

IT Service Provider Partner Program

Educational & University (Data Recovery Partners)

For educational institutions, we’ve developed a distinct program for students, staff, faculty and alumni for affordable data recovery services. Educational institutions from elementary to university level are all eligible for the Proven Advantage Partner Program.

Educational institutions can leverage our Proven Advantage Partner Portal, and we’ll empower you to submit cases on behalf of staff, allow you to track the progress of any data recovery (past and present,) Your students and faculty can submit their own cases as long as they provide proof of enrollment such as:

  • Current student ID
  • Registration receipt for current semester
  • A Letter of enrollment on University letterhead
  • A link to your School Faculty web page
  • A copy or picture of their Faculty ID
  • Letter of Employment on University letterhead
Educational Data Recovery Partner Benefits

As a data recovery partner, you get access to secure file downloading via the Internet for staff and students who may need access to files quickly.

Business Data Recovery Partners

Business Data Recovery Partners

Small, medium and large businesses can leverage our tried and true model for any type of data recovery scenario.  Proven Data Recovery offers streamlined processes and systems that enable us to consistently meet and often exceed our business partner’s expectations.

Any business that has a help desk or IT support department, looking for a streamlined solution to disaster recovery planning is welcome to join our program.

Government Data Recovery Partners

Local, State and Federal government agencies can leverage the proven model of success for any type of data recovery scenario. Our streamlined processes and systems enable us to consistently meet and often exceed our government partner’s expectations.

We take our relationships with our government partners very seriously and provide 24/7 around the clock service at a discounted rate. From the beginning to the end of the data recovery process, we will show you why government agencies can rely on us to safely, and securely recover their data in a timely fashion.

Data Recovery Partner Program Benefits

All of our data recovery partners receive benefits by joining our affiliate program: 

  • Free evaluations.
  • Priority positioning.
  • 365/24/7 availability, including nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Access to Proven Advantage Partner Portal.
  • Discounts on all cases.
  • 97% success rate on previous cases.
  • Streamlined processes.
  • Pay only for data recovered; no data recovered, no charge.
  • Secure file downloading.
  • Ability to track past and present cases.

How To Become a Data Recovery Partner

  1. Complete partner registration
  2. Partner documents will be mailed to you once your application has been approved.
  3. Complete and submit a W-9 form if necessary.

Check out the honest and open feedback we welcome and receive from our clients, a feature that has allowed us to grow significantly. Nothing like transparency to earn trust and serve customers.

Do you have a data recovery service plan in place? If so, do you think it does a good job keeping your data safe? If not, tell us why not.

Want to join our partner program?

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