Proven Data Recovery and Carbonite Partnership: Elevating Client Data Security

As cybercriminals continue to escalate their efforts to breach our computers and network, it takes an equal amount of defense in the protection of critical data. It is no longer enough to have simply a firewall or attentive IT staff, the war against cyber hackers now requires extensive protection. To address this escalation in defense, Proven Data Recovery and Carbonite have created a partnership that blends consumer and business backups and consultations to the next level. The combined expertise allows clients to understand the severity of today’s security threats and advise, counsel, and accomplish the kind of backups of proprietary data that is an absolute must in today’s world.

Fortifying client data security via new Carbonite backup partnership

The dynamic shifts in data security have caused a paradigm within the technology industry. Clients can no longer feel as though a single backup is a sufficient safety net for their important networks. Cyber hackers have extended their reach through the use of sophisticated programs, accessing individual and company information in methods never before seen. Carbonite, the renowned organization for backup security, has specific programs set in place as part of the essential elements to address the next generation of data preservation.

Proven Data Recovery has been working with clients on the front lines to assist in a variety of disaster recovery problems. One of the main issues that they have observed has been the customer belief that a single source backup would be sufficient to offset the results of a breach in security. In fact, many of the cyber criminals take advantage of that understanding and infiltrate both the live network and backup states. This situation does not just affect companies but has been seen on increasing levels in the private sector as well.

Proven Data Recovery Carbonite Data Backup Partnership

Working together, Proven Data Recovery and Carbonite have created a pooled effort to assist clients in understanding the importance of multiple and off-site backup requirements. The needs of every type of customer are addressed: Databases and live applications in server plans, pro plans for those organizations that have strict government regulations and personal plans for the home office computer environment.

This increased security awareness and action involves more than just an automated process but also includes additional areas of education. Proven Data Recovery coordinates with the customer to achieve installation, testing and deployment solutions. Carbonite brings a wealth of professional backup proficiency, with years devoted to the successful protection and up to date technologies in multiple backup realms.

Whether through cyber hacking, human error, hardware/software failure, or acts of nature, the importance of multiple backup platforms cannot be emphasized enough. This type of situation was exemplified in the Google data center communication lines that were struck by lightning four times. Those that were affected by the data loss had the ability to retrieve the information due to the Google practice of backups in multiple locations. Those that have not taken the precautions of multiple backups appear in the news on an almost daily basis, announcing the information and financial loss, crippling companies and reducing reputation.

Proven Data, Client Data Security, Carbonite Features

Working with the client, Proven Data Recovery reviews existing security scenarios, consults in risk analysis and assists in integrating emergency contingency plans for backup and restoration processes. Carbonite makes use of their extensive multi-platform network to establish synchronous system backup schedules. All participants coordinate with the customer and/or IT staff to keep them up-to-date on potential security risks and the latest threats. Network and cloud-based backup solutions in both local and off-site abilities can help to reduce the risk of total data failure or loss. Emergency recovery plans set in place creates an immediacy of action in the event of a security or system down condition. In the case of a cyber attack, including ransomware, a network can be restored, eliminating the problem of breach or the encryption of critical data.

The partnership of Carbonite and Proven Data Recovery is part of a forward-thinking twenty-first-century technology protection and is a necessity in the world that we exist in today. As we advance into the newer realms of computer hierarchy in both business and personal demands, the requirements of reliable multi-platform backups, combined with consulting and disaster recovery will be the expected norm of functionality. Data and information security are a paramount concern and addressing this in a customer-concentric method allows the client to focus on their daily accomplishments and business needs.


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