Proven Data Launches Operation Cyber Aware Documentary, Sparking a #GetCyberSerious Movement

Proven Data is excited to announce Operation Cyber Aware, a documentary highlighting the ransomware crisis and the growing cyber risks we face around the world every single day. Operation Cyber Aware is the result of a collaborative effort to share awareness and help others think more critically about their data protection. 

Operation Cyber Aware is out now!

Powered by Proven Data and in partnership with N-Joy Media, the documentary features industry-leading insight from cyber security professionals and the compelling story of a data loss victim. Shot on location in New York, the film takes you through the current landscape of the cyber arena, specifically, ransomware, and the different stakeholders engaged with these evolving threats.

The short film, now available on YouTube, encourages organizations to be proactive this year and open a discussion around what can be done to improve our data security regardless of your company size or industry. Operation Cyber Aware also promotes a Cyber Security Resource Center where visitors can find information about some ways they can improve their data security immediately. Organizations  & individuals that directly address their risk of cyber attack will find themselves much more resilient to outside threats. The creators of the movement want others to understand how cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility, and we can work together for a safer cyber future.

Creating a social movement around the hashtag #GetCyberSerious, we hope others will be inspired and share their success & failures online about their own cybersecurity experiences and protecting their data. We encourage you to share the film with friends, family, and colleagues and open a discussion around what they’re currently doing to improve their cyber hygiene! 

Special thanks to the documentary contributors

Our team would like to extend gratitude and thanks to the contributors who came together to make this project happen. Your passion for helping others improve their cyber security shines through in the film and helps create a compelling storyline that is both educational and enjoyable. Our team would like to give additional recognition to Fmr. Special Agent Patrick Gray of the FBI Computer Crimes Squad for his commitment to the filming process, his inspirational charisma we admire, and his military service to this nation.

About Operation Cyber Aware

Operation Cyber Aware is a documentary focusing on the ransomware crisis & the growing cyber risks we face around the world every single day. If you think you’re too small to become a target of these attacks…think again. 

“The toughest thing for people to realize about cybercrime is – Don’t just think they’re going after the big guys, they’re not. I deal with small to medium-sized businesses all the time, and they are victims more often than not. If I were a bad guy, hacking into the big industries, I’d look for ingress points…small to medium-sized businesses deal with big businesses every day. And it happens every single day. It’s easy. And it happens every single day. And you don’t hear about it in the news because the glamorous one is the big guy, the big bank, or the medical facility gets hacked. They don’t talk about the little guy that was an ingress point; it just doesn’t sell.” 

Patrick Gray, Fmr. FBI Special Agent, Computer Crimes Squad

Powered by Proven Data, the purpose of this short film is to raise awareness and provide key insight into ransomware and protecting your data. Watch Operation Cyber Aware and see how organizations, both large and small, struggle to keep their data safe from ransomware.

There is no silver bullet to prevent cyber attacks. A key element has a layered security approach. You can find resources going over these approaches on the campaign website dedicated to preventing ransomware & future cyber attacks. Critical public infrastructure, businesses of all sizes, and everyday consumers are vulnerable now more than ever. The severity of these attacks is increasing at an alarming rate, especially in ransomware. 

Our goal is to shed light on how proactiveness can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of these unfortunate attacks. Threat intelligence data gathered from the front lines of thousands of ransomware incidents we have seen helps us understand how these attacks occur and what can be done to protect each unique target.

The mission of awareness through Operation Cyber Aware is showcased through the social campaign #GetCyberSerious. We encourage individuals, businesses, and government agencies to educate their organization on cyber crime & how to protect their data. As seen in Carolin’s situation, we do not know what it’s like to lose our data until it happens to us. Let’s avoid this unpleasant feeling together by sharing this campaign with loved ones, friends, and employees. Let’s get serious about cyber security in 2020 and be proactive with improved cyber security habits!

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