Proven Data launches COVID-19 Relief Campaign for Small Businesses

[Update on 5/1) Proven Data is no longer offering free security consultations for small businesses as part of the COVID-19 relief effort. If you are still looking to protect your organization from cyber threats, inquire with our cyber security experts.

As coronavirus continues to take its toll on the worldwide community, Proven Data is offering free security consultations and remote access scans to provide COVID-19 relief for small businesses with remote workforces. 

Cyber security COVID-19 releif for small business

The coronavirus has created an elevated risk for many companies around the world as employees are forced to work remotely. Since the workers will need to access data on the local network remotely, IT personnel will be opening up remote desktop (RDP) access. If this access is not secured properly, ransomware actors will exploit the vulnerability to gain remote access and execute ransomware viruses.

Proven Data would like to extend free security consultations and remote access scans to organizations who are having their employees work from home as a result of the coronavirus. With social distancing helping to deter the spread of the virus, employers are allowing their employees to work from the comfort of their homes. 

Most businesses are unaware of the cyber security threats that are associated with remote work for an organization. If your organization does not regularly allow employees to remotely work, what security policies have you put in place before they leave the office?

As a small business and family operated company, we understand the importance of accessible and effective cyber security for keeping data safe. We would like to promote our COVID-19 relief efforts via free security consultations to small businesses who are unsure of how the coronavirus will affect their operations and data security. Our services will include free remote consultations and vulnerability assessments to determine where your organization is most vulnerable and the steps you can take to mitigate these threats!

For a limited time in an effort to provide assistance to businesses affected by the coronavirus, Proven Data is offering their RDP vulnerability scan for free. Here is the step by step process:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Submit a case on the page
  3. Book an appointment with the link we provide
  4. A Proven Data technician will connect for the scheduled appointment
  5. While on your network, the technician will run scans to check for the vulnerability
  6. Upon completion, the Proven Data team will send a report detailing their findings
  7. Recommendations and instructions will be provided to secure the vulnerability 

Thank you and we look forward to keeping you safe during this difficult time ahead.

Internal data suggests that over 95% of current ransomware attacks are Initiated via RDP brute-force

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