Imposing Safeguards To Uphold the “Security” in “Data Security”

It has been a momentous few months for data breaches. It seems most of the time you check the news there is some breaking Hollywood scandal centered meticulously around an intrusive hack and threat to personal information. And, for the general public, this can create an intense sense of vulnerability—especially when discussing data security.

While any industry has its pain points, data recovery is one that can be a personal and sensitive matter. When a client solicits the help of a professional, they are doing so in hopes to see results and repair a problem. But, mostly, they are doing so in hopes that their case is being treated with the highest level of consideration and confidentiality.

Unfortunately, since so many are unfamiliar with the data recovery process, they may solicit the help of a self-proclaimed specialist or data recovery firm that may not be the best fit for their needs. More times than not, we encounter client cases that have been botched by a former data recovery company—leading to unrecoverable data or personal data being stolen or compromised in the recovery process. This underscores why the first data recovery attempt is the most critical.

This year, Proven Data Recovery has implemented new safeguards in an effort to continuously uphold our Platinum Standard of Data Security. When looking for a data recovery firm or specialist to help with the recovery process, every client should refer to the following checklist to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place.

What to look for in a data recovery service

Ensure your data recovery specialist is performing proper data security by checking each of the following categories!

Data recovery service data security

Clean data recovery history

Make sure the person or group you are working with has undergone a thorough background check. While we’ve worked with most of our trusted staff for the past decade, we are in the process of expanding our business to several locations. In turn, we will be hiring and ensuring that every professional data recovery specialist takes an evaluation test and comes to the table with a clean history report, professional recommendations, and industry certifications.

Data security experience

While it seems there are many new data recovery firms popping into the marketplace, the one underlying current that should not be overlooked is industry experience. The difference between a seasoned team of data recovery specialists vs. a boutique run company can make the world of a difference when it comes to troubleshooting, turn around time and, most importantly, the appropriate handling of personal data.

Proven industry sucess record

It may seem obvious but if a data recovery firm or team has a proven industry success and customer satisfaction rate, that is a good sign. At Proven Data Recovery, we are proud of our 97% success rate and positive customer feedback. To take it a step further, checking out a company’s testimonials page, Google Maps, TrustPilot or YELP reviews can be incredibly insightful and really allow a client to ascertain a high level overview of how a company compares to its competitors.

HIPAA compliant data recovery service

In addition to personal, bank, and business information—many clients will also store health information on their computer. At Proven Data Recovery, we think it is important to be HIPAA compliant so that a client knows that, just like a doctor’s office, as we look into mending their issue and “making it all better”—it is being done with the utmost professionalism, care, and confidentiality.

A+ Better Business Bureau accredited business

Ensuring a client is BBB accredited is the final most important step. Proven Data Recovery is an A rated BBB company. We encourage prospective clients and consumers to look for these scores when doing their own personal research on a firm or specialist that is right for them. If you don’t see the BBB Seal on a company or specialist’s website, it is best to move onto someone who does since this is an indicator of having reached a proven standard of consumer confidence. 

It is also important to note that companies may have the seal present on their website, however it does not mean they are an accredited company. It is recommended that clients and consumers visit the BBB website and do a business name search to ensure accreditation validity.

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