Creating a Better Cyber Security Culture at Your Organization

Why is cyber security culture not being taken seriously by more employees at your business? How can business leaders help encourage others to take a proactive approach and improve resilience?

As cyber threats continue to evolve and change, it is important that everyone at your organization is aware of the current climate affecting data privacy and protection. One of the most important lacking elements at many companies is their inability to foster an inclusive and serious cyber security culture which reflects data privacy and security. 

To have a more realistic approach to preventing data breaches, creating & maintaining a strong cyber security culture can mean the difference of being victim and preventing these incidents from occurring.

Tips for improving your cyber security culture

The leading cause of employee pessimism when it comes to cyber security is the disconnect between the security needs of the organization and the implementation of this strategy. If employees feel disengaged from the objectives of the security team, there will be a void in the culture that is necessary for protecting the business overall. 

Proven Data has some tips & methods to help create this cyber security culture at your organization:

Share news stories on cyber security

One of the most simple and effective changes your security team can create is regularly sharing news stories reflecting current events and news happening in cyber security. It’s great that more major news outlets are helping to spread awareness on what’s happening by having great coverage on these current events. 

It’s crucial to share both positive and negative current events such as businesses that are doing right things in cyber security and those who are not. The security team or IT professionals at your business can send a monthly email with all the recent happenings in data breaches which can share some insight on how businesses are being targeted & attacked.

Keep it fun & engaging

Although cyber security culture is vital to the long term success of the organizations and it’s defense against cyber crime, it’s a good idea to keep the conversations around cyber security fun & engaging. It’s all too common for the security team or information technicians to make things more complicated than they need to be. 

The most successful security training modules and programs include a more interesting and engaging tone that employees will enjoy and retain the lessons they’ve learned. If the tone of the security training sessions is completely overwhelming and boring, we see less employees want to be engaged with the security policies & procedures.

Participate in national security awareness programs

Throughout the year, there are many great nationally-sponsored programs that help to spotlight the ongoing threats cyber crime poses to business of all sizes. These programs are designed to bring more awareness to the current cyber threats facing both the individuals and organizations as a whole. They do an excellent job at creating a more energetic platform that utilizes humor & relatable content to deliver key ideas.

Each year, Stay Safe Online and the National Cyber Security Alliance develops campaigns such as NCSAM (National Cyber Security Awareness Month) and Data Privacy Day to help share free resources that are great tools for businesses to use. They also have comically engaging social media approaches such as #UpdateMeow which features the importance and benefits of updating software regularly.

Perform regular phishing simulations

One of the biggest threats facing organizations is Business Email Compromise (B.E.C.). Business Email Compromise happens from a lack of security awareness with email communication. There are many different forms of business email compromise right now including fraudulent Amazon confirmation emails which look legitimate to the unsuspecting eye. However, it’s a great idea to regularly test employees by operating (surprise) simulated phishing tests. Employees will have a better time understanding to how their security awareness will directly affect the company, and thus create a better learning opportunity.

It is critical that employees at your organization feel invested in the security goals management is trying to achieve. If the cyber security culture is strong and dynamic, there’s a higher chance of preventing cyber attacks and data breaches which can have paramount effects on the long-term success of the business. Not only is cyber security culture essential, it’s something that can quickly become a fundamental aspect of the business which clients will appreciate and help create positive security momentum this year.

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