Ransomware Recovery

Our Ransomware Recovery team is here to help you rapidly identify, mitigate and recover from the cyber attack

How we Recover and Restore Ransomware-encrypted Data

Ransomware attacks are common and sophisticated. Hackers target companies of all sizes and they deliver their promise of leaking the stolen data. Proven Data’s has successfully provided ransomware recovery with four main services:

Data Carving

Our experts use advanced techniques to recover encrypted or damaged files from infected systems. By analyzing file structures and reconstructing them without relying on ransomware encryption, we can restore individual files or entire directories.

Exploit Encryption Weakness

Our certified professionals excel in identifying flaws or vulnerabilities within ransomware encryption algorithms. With our expertise, we develop effective tools and techniques to decrypt files, eliminating the need for decryption keys and allowing seamless data recovery.

Proprietary or Public Decryptors

Our team utilizes specialized tools developed by security researchers and antivirus companies to unlock specific types of ransomware. Through exploiting vulnerabilities in encryption algorithms and key storage systems, we help victims regain access to encrypted files without paying the ransom.

Ransom Mediation Efforts

Count on us to engage with ransomware operators on your behalf. Our skilled negotiators employ strategic tactics to seek resolutions, whether it's obtaining decryption keys or negotiating lower ransom amounts. This alternative avenue for recovery is pursued when other methods are not feasible, ensuring your best interests are represented.

How to Handle a Ransomware Attack ​

Once you realize you’re a ransomware victim you must:

  • Leave the infected machine the way it is – Don’t turn off the computer nor delete the encrypted files.
  • Call Proven Data’s 24/7/365 ransomware removal service for immediate assistance and response.
  • Contacting authorities is important and Proven Data’s experts can help navigate this step.
  • Preserve any evidence of the attack – don’t delete any files and document the first indicators of compromise (IOC).

Why Choose Proven Data for Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware recovery is the process of restoring data that has been encrypted by ransomware. Each case is unique – depending on the case we respond on-site but most of the time we work remotely to access affected systems.

We focus on the client’s needs. It can be securing their environment, providing digital forensics, remediation, data carving, etc. 

Proven Data works together with your MSP or IT team, if available, to expedite the restoration of systems and data.

Our Ransomware Recovery Services

We’ve developed a streamlined process that works to get your business operational as soon as possible. Here is how we deal with ransomware on your network:

Data Decryption And Recovery

Depending on the type of ransomware, our technicians will take different actions to decrypt it and recover your data. Using known decryptors and public keys helps to make the recovery process after a ransomware attack faster.

Environment Containment

Involves isolating impacted systems to prevent the reintroduction of malware that could disrupt business operations.

Incident Response

In IR Proven Data experts work to minimize the damage and restore normal operations as quickly as possible.

Forensics Attack Surface Reporting

This helps to discover and understand the actions taken while the cybercriminal was in your network. It’s very important that you provide as much information as you can about the attack.

Server Remediation

Here, we will work with you to rebuild and clean impacted servers to ensure that they are free of malware and secure for use.

Workstation Remediation

This step is to generate a script that would undo what the attack did. For example, reverse IOC.

Exfiltration Reporting

Here our team identifies and reports any data that may have been exfiltrated or stolen by the attacker.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerabilities will leave your system open to new attacks. Our team will perform Pen Testing to make sure your network is secure.

IRR For Future Cases

We help you with a customized, industry-informed mitigation plan that your organization should follow during a cyberattack scenario for rapid response.

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