Managed Detection & Response

Get a cybersecurity service that combines technology and human expertise to provide threat detection, response, and remediation.

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Proven Data’s MDR services stand out due to our proactive approach to cybersecurity. We focus on threat detection, response, and threat hunting, ensuring comprehensive protection for our clients.

We go beyond traditional security alert monitoring and aim to identify and respond to emerging threats before they cause significant damage.


Continuous monitoring of an organization's network, endpoints, and data for potential threats.


Take actions to mitigate the threat once it has been identified. This may involve isolating infected systems, blocking malicious traffic, removing malware, and implementing additional security measures to prevent future attacks.

Incident Investigation

This process involves analyzing data and identifying the root cause of the issue, as well as assessing the scope and impact of the incident.


Review the data collected during the detection and investigation phases to gain a deeper understanding of the threat and its potential impact on the organization.

Why Choose Proven Data

As a leading cybersecurity provider, we offer 24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, combining advanced technology and human expertise for constant surveillance of your IT resources, prompt threat detection, and incident response. Our skilled team uses threat intelligence and analytics to identify patterns and anomalies, enabling proactive defense.

Proven Data’s expertise and certifications allow our team to fill the cybersecurity skills gap, providing cost-effective, enterprise-grade protection without the need for specialized in-house teams.

Benefits of

MDR services offer a range of benefits that can help organizations improve their security posture, minimize risk, and protect sensitive data and assets.

With Proven Data you can ensure:

Improved threat detection and response

Our MDR services enable organizations to detect potential security threats more effectively and respond to them quickly, minimizing damage and preventing future attacks.

24/7 monitoring

We offer around-the-clock monitoring, which ensures that potential threats are identified and addressed in real-time, even outside regular business hours.

Customizable security rules

At Proven Data we tailor our security solutions to the specific needs of your organization, creating custom rules that address specific threats and vulnerabilities.

Reduced risk

By providing a comprehensive security solution, our MDR helps organizations reduce their overall risk of cyber attacks, data breaches, and other security incidents.

Access to security expertise

We provide access to expert security personnel who can help identify and mitigate potential threats. This can be particularly valuable for smaller organizations that lack the resources to maintain a large in-house security team.

Field Tech Support

We offer affordable IT solutions that help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

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