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Dropping off your device?

We have two offices in New York City to assist you with a variety of our services. In order to drop off your device at these secure locations, you will first need to create a case by clicking here. This will generate a case ID which you will need to bring with you along with a photo ID for security purposes.

Meet Our Staff At NYC Locations

Meet with Our Staff

There is nothing better than a face to face meeting to discuss your business needs. Meet in person at one of our New York City offices with members of our team. 

Featured Services in New York NY

We’ve recovered data from all major hard drive & server manufacturers and all data loss scenarios. We pride ourselves on industry leading success rates of 98%!

We know how to prevent cyber attacks because we’ve provided support for thousands of cyber incidents. Let us help you protect your business with industry leading tools and proprietary threat intelligence.

Certified digital forensic examiners experienced in investigations for ransomware, data breaches, and employee misconduct.

As one of the first companies that helped with ransomware recovery, rest assured that we have the experience to get you up and running fast!

More Data Recovery Services:

24/7 expedited emergency data recovery when you need it. Includes nights and weekends. Contact us today for immediate service.

If your business server goes down which contains your mission critical data, contact the server data recovery experts at Proven Data.

We’re equipped to handle any RAID recovery scenario. We’ve recovered data on some of the most sophisticated RAID arrays from all major manufacturers.

When your computer crashes and you cannot access your hard drive, we are here with the right tools for all your computer data recovery needs.

Accidentally delete files or reformat your hard drive? It’s happened to all of us. There is no need to worry as we have the expertise to recover what was once lost.

When your laptops stop working or if your internal laptop hard drive fails, laptop data recovery is something we specialize in.

Did your external hard drive fail and need data recovered? We are here to help with all of your external hard drive recovery needs. 

We stay current with all latest storage technologies which allow us to take on complex SSD drive recovery. 

We understand that sentimental memories in photos cannot be replaced so we routinely invest in more ways to recover your photos.

When your Apple computer fails or even if you have a Mac formatted hard drive, we are capable of handling all levels of mac data recovery.

When SD Cards fail, we have the tools and expertise to recover your valuable data. We’ve performed data recovery on thousands of SD Cards.

Whether your a professional photographer, or take photos for your hobby, we routinely recover data from cameras.

Are you looking for reliable and results-driven data recovery service professionals in the Greater Manhattan area? Look no further than Proven Data of New York City. Our seasoned NYC based data recovery company specializes in data recovery services and solutions which include: hard drive data recovery, RAID data recovery, MAC data recovery, external hard drive data recovery, hard disk data recovery and computer data recovery. To inquire about or begin your data recovery service with our NYC Data Recovery team, be sure to follow the steps below our map of our data recovery location and one of our New York City data recovery service specialists will get back to you in a New York minute!

The Midtown Manhattan data recovery office is located at 590 Madison Ave, 21st Fl, New York, NY 10022. The cross street is 57th street and Madison Avenue. In order to drop off your device at this secure location, you will first need to create a case by clicking on the button above. This will generate a case ID which you will need to bring with you when dropping off in person. You will also require a photo ID. In New York City where thriving businesses depend on critical data for daily functional operations, we prioritize in recovering data in any data loss situation. You may contact the NYC data recovery office at (212) 729-8690 if you require further assistance or follow the detailed steps below to get your device to us.

3 Easy Steps To Drop Off Or Ship Your Device to our New York City Data Recovery Office

Step 1: Create a Case with Proven Data in NYC

Our NYC data recovery company is comprised of a team of industry professionals who are here to expeditiously help you with a seamless and secure data recovery service process. To begin, simply fill out a data recovery case form by clicking here. Once you arrive to the data recovery case form, please let our data recovery service professionals know how we can better assist you by filling out the case fields with:

  • Your Preferred Data Recovery Turnaround Time
    • Proven Data of NYC offers several turnaround time options for your data recovery convenience. Simply let us know if this is a data recovery emergency by clicking the ASAP option from the drop down menu. By choosing this option, you’re ensuring that our data recovery team will expedite your data recovery services case within a 24-48 hour window. Additionally, Proven Data offers a standard priority data recovery service of 5-8 business days and an economy data recovery service which starts at 10 business days. Be sure to select a turnaround time option that is best suited for your data recovery needs.
  • Your Contact Information and Data Recovery Media Type
    • To ensure Proven Data in NYC securely associates and corresponds with the appropriate point person assigned to your data recovery case, we require your full name and email address along with a preferred contact method. Additionally, Proven Data in NYC requests a specification of Media Type for the data recovery services you are looking for assistance with. Our data recovery Media Type options include: Computer Hard Drive, Laptop Hard Drive, External Hard Drive, Server Single Drive, Server Drive, RAID Server Multiple Disk Set, Solid State Drive, Network Attached Storage, USB Flash Drive or Memory Card, Floppy Zip Disk, Tape or Jazz Backup Media, Micodrive, CD or DVD, PDA/cellphone/iPod or Other
  • Your Data Recovery Case Details
    • Be sure to tell us what your data recovery services’ issue is by providing an issue summary along with and details as to why you are opening a ticket with our NYC Data Recovery Company. Whether you are looking for data recovery for MAC, RAID data recovery, external hard drive data recovery or an in-depth hard drive data recovery service, we want to know how we can help you! Try to provide us with as many details as possible so that we can begin working on your data recovery case immediately.

Step 2: Print Your Proven Data in NYC drop off or shipping label

Once you have successfully filled out your case form, you will be assigned a Case ID which you will need to print out for dropping off or shipping the device to us. Print out the label here.

Step 3: Drop Off or Ship Your Device to our NYC Proven Data service location

To drop off your equipment to Proven Data in NYC service location, be sure to bring your Case ID number with you along with a valid photo ID. No appointment is necessary to drop off your device. Standard office drop off hours are Monday thru -Friday 8:30 AM – 5 PM. If this is an emergency, an appointment is required to drop off during our nonstandard business hours.

Should you want to ship your device to the NYC Proven Data location, please follow the detailed step-by-step instructions you receive in the email following you’re case creation. Once we have successfully received your device, you will receive an email from your dedicated case manager stating that we’ve received your device for your records. You can track your NYC data recovery service status by visiting the case management system here.

Still have a data recovery service question? Not to worry! You may contact our local NYC Proven Data office at (212) 729-8690 and speak to one of our data recovery service specialists.

Why choose Proven Data in NYC?

NYC is known as the city that never sleeps. And, fittingly, neither do we! Your Proven Data in NYC experts are working around the clock to provide 24 hour support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Experience the Proven Data in NYC Difference with:

  • A 97.2% data recovery success rate
    • Our proven success rate on previous data recoveries is a testament to our New York City data recovery company’s team of qualified and effective data recovery services specialists who take the time to get to the core of the matter. Our data recovery service technicians in NYC come to the table with 15-years industry experience and are trained with the most sophisticated data recovery tools and techniques available.
  • A FREE, no obligation data recovery service evaluation
    • Unsure about enlisting the help of data recovery experts? No problem. At Proven Data in NYC, we want your data recovery experience to be hassle and pressure-free. We realize that having compromised or lost data can be a personal and detrimental matter. That is why we offer a FREE, no obligation data recovery evaluation and allow you the chance to see if Proven Data is right for you. Simply fill out a data recovery case form and let us look at your device. After our evaluation, you are free to pick up your equipment at no cost to you should you decide to forego our data recovery services in NYC.
  • A+ BBB Certification
    • At Proven Data in New York City, we are committed to a solution just as much as we are to customer satisfaction. We take pride in maintaining our A+ BBB certification for our proven data recovery services.
  • HIPPA Compliant
    • For your data recovery safety, Proven Data in NYC takes HIPPA security compliance very seriously and follows strict and national security guidelines for:
      • Control environment
      • Computer and network operations
      • Data communications
      • Network security
      • Physical security
      • Business-environment security
      • Logical security
      • Business continuity and disaster-recovery planning
      • Change management for applications and solutions
      • Executive and senior management
      • Decision-making processes
      • Human resources
  • ISO 4 Class 10 Clean Room
    • Proven Data in NYC’s certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom protects your hard disk, device and data from microscopic contaminants that cause irreversible damage to your storage device. When you go through the process of choosing the right data recovery company for you in NYC, make sure you do your homework to determine the company has an ISO 4 Class 10 clean room to ensure the highest level of data recovery success. . For this reason, Proven Data recommends deferring to an expert, and within a certified Cleanroom environment, to open your drive. Contact Proven Data’s New York City location for immediate, safe and secure data recovery services by creating a data recovery case here.

Proven Data Services in New York City

At Proven Data in New York City, we offer a wide array of data recovery services. Our NYC Data Recovery specialists have data recovery service experience with all media including: RAID configurations, Hard Drive Recovery, External Hard Drive Recovery, MAC Data Recovery, Deleted Files Recovery, Server Data Recovery, Computer Data Recovery, Laptop Data Recovery, SSD Drive Recovery, Camera Data Recovery, Photo Recovery, and Computer Forensic Services.

PDR even offers deleted file and NAS recovery services in New York City.

When your equipment malfunctions due to a malware or a malicious virus attack, Proven Data’s New York City team of experienced technicians can evaluate and determine the best recovery option for your critical data, and deliver results quickly—often in less than 24 hours.

Even when you’re not sure what caused your system’s data loss, we will be able to evaluate the problem and figure out the right solution in short order. Throughout our 15 years of data recovery experience, Proven Data’s New York City experts have come across seemingly every data loss scenario possible. Whatever problem you’re experiencing, you can trust that we have already dealt with it successfully.

RAID Recovery Service in NYC

One of our specialties is RAID recovery in NYC. RAID data recovery is the most complex of all recoveries. We urge our customers not perform any RAID rebuilds without a solid understanding of how RAID works. We routinely receive cases where clients have made prior attempts to rebuild the RAID, only adding to the difficulty of recovering your data.

New York City’s #1 Proven Resource for RAID Recovery

RAID Data Recovery can pose as being one of the most complex of

all data recoveries. Our Midtown Manhattan team of data recovery service specialists are prepared to successfully handle even the most complex of RAID recovery configurations in the following arenas:

  • RAID 0 Data Recovery
  • RAID 1 Data Recovery
  • RAID 2 Data Recovery
  • RAID 3 Data Recovery
  • RAID 4 Data Recovery
  • RAID 5 Data Recovery
  • RAID 6 Data Recovery
  • RAID 7 Data Recovery
  • RAID 10 Data Recovery
  • RAID 0+1 Data Recovery
  • RAID 53 Data Recovery
  • RAID S Data Recovery

If you do not see your RAID configuration in the list, there is still a great chance we can assist you.

If you do not see your RAID configuration listed above, there is still a great chance that one of our NYC RAID recovery specialists can assist you and your data recovery case. Simply create a RAID recovery case and someone from our Midtown Manhattan office will be in touch with you shortly. With so many RAID recovery cases in New York City, Proven Data has become the preferred leader in data recovery for any RAID configuration. To learn more about RAID recovery in New York City or to see what to do if you require RAID recovery in NYC, visit our Proven Data RAID page or click here.

Proven Hard Drive Data Recovery Service Experts in New York City

With over 15-years of data recovery service experience in the hard drive data recovery service space, New York City Proven Data of Midtown Manhattan has performed thousands of successful data recoveries. A recognized leader in data recovery, the New York City Proven Data location specializes in two types of hard drive recovery which includes logical hard drive failure and mechanical hard drive failure. If you require hard drive recovery in the New York City area, create a hard drive recovery case with our team of hard drive recovery experts. To learn what to do if your hard drive fails or to spot symptoms of hard drive failure, visit our Hard Drive Recovery page by clicking here.

Proven Data in NYC routinely rescues data from failed hard drives caused by

  • Mechanical failure
  • File system damage
  • Bumped or dropped drives
  • Viruses, malware or user sabotage
  • User error
  • Static electricity, power surges and outages
  • Natural disasters
  • Fire, smoke or heat damage
  • Improper shut down of your computer / server / laptop
  • Data transfer from an old hard drive to a new one
  • Firmware corruption.
  • Hard drive crash.
  • Head crash or other mechanical failures
  • Power surge or outage
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Software corruption.
  • Configuration errors.
  • Water Damage

Proven Data’s team of data recovery specialists in NYC operates a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom to safely deliver the highest success rate possible every time. Proven Data New York City Services Feature:

  • Damaged, deleted and encrypted file recovery
  • Server data recovery NYC
  • Onsite data recovery NYC
  • 24-hour or less emergency recovery
  • Customer drop-off location
  • Risk-free damage and data recovery evaluations

24/7/365 Emergency Data Recovery Services From a New York City Company You Can Trust

The sudden loss or damage of critical files under any circumstances is stressful at the very least, and potentially catastrophic for businesses, professionals or anyone who must have their data available at all times. Customer files, patient records, order information, creative files—the list of mission critical files crucial to a business or professional’s survival is a long one, and time is of the essence.

If you discover that your files can’t be accessed, Proven Data New York City understands the importance of rescuing data as quickly as possible. Our round-the-clock emergency services in Midtown Manhattan are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year (even on holidays.)

If you experience a crashed device, server or operating system, or discover that files have been accidentally deleted or damaged, Proven Data in New York City can help. Our commitment to the highest standards of service, our qualified team of professionals, top performance history and powerful technology make us your best choice for fast, successful data recovery services.

Midtown’s Proven External Hard Drive Recovery Team

External hard drive recovery is one of our specialties at Proven Data in NYC. Equipped with the most cutting edge tools and data recovery technicians, our external hard drive recovery company is able and prepared to take all precautions necessary to ensure your external hard drive is handled with care. If you have experienced external hard drive failure in the New York City or greater Manhattan area, create a external hard drive recovery case with Proven Data in NYC. To learn what to do if you experience external hard drive failure or to identify symptoms of external hard drive failure, visit our External Hard Drive Recovery by page by clicking here.

The Proven Mac Data Recovery Solution for New York, NY

Let Proven Data in Manhattan prove to you why we have been deemed the “data recovery Mac professionals” of New York City. Our impressive data recovery rate on all cases makes Proven Data Midtown Manhattan the preferred choice of Mac lovers and professionals who seek assistance with their data recovery services. While Macs impose strict data recovery safeguards, already built into their hardware, they are still at risk for detrimental data loss or data corruption. And, unlike PC data recovery, Mac data recovery is a completely different process. Approaching Mac data recovery like that of a PC can result in permanent data loss and irreparable damage to the computer. Thankfully, our New York, NY data recovery experts have developed best practices for Mac data recovery. If you are looking for help from one of our data recovery Mac team specialists at Proven Data in NYC, create a mac data recovery case here. To see a full list of Mac devices that Proven Data of NYC services, click here.

NYC’s Proven Data Specialists for Deleted Files

We’ve ALL done it: Deleting a file, while many times accidental, can be extremely detrimental. Whether you’re a student at an NYC university or an NYC business professional, we know that time is of the essence as it relates to the school or work project. That is why Proven Data is dedicated to help you recover and restore your deleted files in a New York minute. To create a case for deleted file recovery in NYC, click here. For more information about deleted file recovery click here.

Proven Server Data Recovery Engineers of NYC

Proven Data in NYC’s server data recovery engineers are known throughout New York, NY for their success rate with server recoveries. Our data recovery team of Midtown Manhattan prides itself on being the leaders for secure and reliable data recovery from any type of server platform. We understand the urgency and severity of recovering lost data from a failed server or network attached storage device. Being a specialized data recovery company allows Proven Data in NYC to effectively recover critical data stored on your server so that you can continue your personal and professional operations in no time. To create a server recovery case with New York City’s Midtown Manhattan Proven Data specialists, click here. To learn more about Server Data Recovery and the common types of Server Data Recovery that Proven Data in NYC handles, click here.

Certified Computer Data Recovery Service in NYC

Our NYC data recovery specialists utilize state-of-the-art equipment and data recovery technology paired with a comprehensive understanding of computers, hardware, and data storage devices to help restore your computer’s most sensitive data. Click here to create a case with for computer data recovery. For more information on the computer data recovery click here.

The Big Apple’s Proven Laptop Data Recovery Service

While laptops may be small, the loss of their data can be big. That is why Proven Data works with students and professionals alike, throughout the greater Manhattan and NYC area, to help them in expediting the delivery of lost laptop data. Our NYC Proven Data team is here to recover and restore personal and professional documents and data on your laptop device; just create a case. For more information on the types of laptops data recoveries and symptoms of a failing laptop, click here.

Midtown Manhattan’s Proven SSD Drive Recovery Group

Proven Data of NYC boasts technicians who specialize in state drive recovery and proven track records for performing reliable data recovery on any manufacturer of drives. With the most current resources around, Proven Data Greater Manhattan is able to broach solid state drives’ (SSD) newer technology in a safe and timely manner. To learn more about SSD recovery, click here. To open a case for SSD Drive Recovery with Proven Data New York City, click here.

The Proven Camera Recovery Service Providers of Greater Manhattan

Don’t go another day without getting your camera fixed. Who knows what memory, masterpiece or professional project you are missing out on because your camera equipment is comprised. Thankfully, our Proven Camera Recovery service experts of NYC use the most advanced technology and industry knowledge to restore lost camera data and to help you get back to snapping your precious photos in no time. To begin the camera recovery service process with Proven Data in NYC, click here. To learn more about the Camera Recovery Services, click here.

NYC Photograph Recovery Professionals

Your photos mean everything to you. And, the thought of losing those treasured pictures and moments can be devastating for anyone. At Proven Data in NYC, our photo recovery service professionals pride ourselves in being the leaders for secure and reliable photo recovery. We uphold the highest level of security so that your photos are recovered effectively and privately. Learn more about Proven Data in NYC’s photograph recovery services. To open a case with our photograph recovery professionals, click here.

Equipped to Deal With Any Data Recovery Challenge in New York City

Our New York City recovery specialists have experience with all media, including RAID configurations.
Proven Data’s New York City RAID recovery professionals can expertly retrieve and restore data from:

  • Any RAID configurations on your computer or server.
  • Any hard drive interface, including IDE, SAS, PCI-Express SSD, Fibre Channel, ATA, EIDE, SATA, eSATA, SCSI, iSCSI, and all others.
  • Any operating system running on your server, laptop computer, desktop computer.
  • Any database including Exchange Server, Sybase, SQL Server, proprietary and all others.
  • All servers including Exchange servers, mail servers or virtual / machine servers.
  • All backup tapes
  • Any physically damaged components including damaged head assemblies, head crashes, electric circuit shortages and more.
  • Any damaged hard drive making unusual clicking or scraping sounds, which usually indicate a mechanical failure. When this occurs, shut down your computer right away to avoid permanent data loss.

Proven Data’s New York City Cleanroom Assurance

Any time a hard drive must be opened to recover data, even the tiniest speck of dust or airborne contaminant can destroy files and render them irretrievable. Our certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom protects your delicate components from microscopic contaminants. Without the certified Cleanroom environment, even the most miniscule contaminants can harm the platters or read/write heads of your disk drive, causing what is known as a head crash—almost guaranteed to eliminate any chance of recovery. For this reason, it is critical that you never open a damaged drive yourself or allow anyone who is not an experienced data recovery expert working within a certified Cleanroom environment to open the drive. Instead, contact Proven Data’s New York City location for immediate, safe and secure rescue services.

Proven Data New York City’s HIPAA Security Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was established to protect the privacy and security of individuals’ health information. HIPAA security rules set national standards for the security of electronically protected health information (EPHI) for those who generate, use, transmit and store electronic patient records. Proven Data New York City takes HIPAA security compliance very seriously on behalf of our clients with sensitive data that must be stored according to HIPAA security protocols. We follow HIPAA guidelines for:

  • Control environment
  • Computer and network operations
  • Data communications
  • Network security
  • Physical security
  • Business-environment security
  • Logical security
  • Business continuity and disaster-recovery planning
  • Change management for applications and solutions
  • Executive and senior management
  • Decision-making processes
  • Human resources

New York City’s Proven Computer Forensics Team

With computer crimes at an all-time high in NYC, the Proven Data Midtown Manhattan team of certified and licensed professionals are here to aid you in your computer forensics investigation.. Our team of computer forensic specialists can help individuals and companies alike compile and present evidence for the court of law as it relates to lost, stolen or deleted information. To learn more on how you or your company can utilize Proven Data to help you with computer forensics case, click here. To open a case for Computer Forensic Services, click here.

Free New York City Business Data Recovery and Data Recovery Evaluation

Our No Data No Fee policy promises that, in the rare event your lost data cannot be recovered, you will not be charged.

Because early and decisive evaluation of the problem is critical to providing successful recovery, we waste no time analyzing your device and establishing a restorative course of action. Since disaster can strike anywhere, any time, our data recovery specialists are available day and night to handle any emergency data loss that occurs.

How to Begin With Proven Data’s New York City Data Recovery Services

If you suspect any symptom of failure, first discontinue all use of the device to prevent further irreversible damage. Next, call us at (212) 729-8690 immediately or create a new data recovery case here.

Data Recovery Services

Proven Data offers data recovery services for all conceivable storage devices. We provide free evaluations, 24/7 service and have one of the highest success rates in the industry of 97.2% from previous data recovery cases. Most of our data recovery services can be found below. If not do not hesitate to contact us!

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